Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 8: Time Management

Well, I’ve officially missed over a week on here. I’m such a slacker. I got overwhelmed with school and work. And then J. came up, and I was so not bothering with this during my time with him. This is the time when I’d usually just give up and say, “Oh, well I lasted a week.” It’s one of those things where the longer I go putting this off, the worse I feel. So much so that it seems like maybe I should just quit. I want to not be a quitter this time, though. So I’m going to keep going, even though it doesn't matter really and no one reads this, I want to do this for me.
I seem to have lost the book I was using for prompts as well. I got stuck on one about stencils, and then managed to lose the whole thing. I know it’s in my room. Somewhere. Along with a million other books and things that seem to have disappeared lately. So without a prompt, I will write about something random: calendars.
I was looking at all my responsible grown up things this morning: bills, to do lists, work schedule, homework. And I thought about how I need to get more organized so maybe I’ll get more of my responsibilities taken care of. I need to learn time management so maybe I’ll have time to read something I actually want to. So, as I’m going through my lists (on sticky notes, napkins, my bulletin board), I think, hey I should use my planner.  I open up the planner and what do you know? It has my work schedule in it, but has no monthly calendars in it for me to put in my bills. That would be really helpful so I could check things off as I pay them.
So I start cleaning up around the room and find another planner. I get all my finance stuff put in and my work schedule for the next two weeks, then realize, I can’t fit this in my purse! So I look up at the top of my desk and realize I have a monster of a planner. One of the fanciest things ever to hold a calendar. It has places for weekly to do lists, for daily lists, for monthly lists. It has an address book and notes section, 20392039203 different pockets, and a Ziploc baggy type thing in the back which would be perfect for coupons (assuming I ever remembered to put them in there). This would probably even fit in my purse. And alas, I am too lazy for this because I JUST filled in all the information in the other one. And it does not have owls on it like the other two.
I think somewhere along the line, I simply have lost my mind. I want to be a planning, organized person. I really do. I just don’t think I have the gene for this. I’m sure I’d feel much better if I took care of things before the deadline and had extra time for other, more enjoyable activities. Maybe I’d have time to write in here. Hey, maybe I’d become a brilliant writer! Oh, no. I’m back to this idea again. Maybe it’s time to get some homework done and then get some more sleep. 

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