Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 4: Nature Walk

Day 4: Take a five-minute walk, then make something using whatever materials are available where you've ended up.

Well we've already covered the fact that I'm rarely actually making anything, but I did actually take a walk. It was a couple days ago, but I can't take a walk at night where I live (in the ghetto) so I'm using what I wrote after this one. (Yeah, I kinda cheated because I knew I was going to have to write this in a few days and couldn't think of a better walk to write about.)

To really understand this story, I have to start with the beginning of my day. I was off work, but had woken up before the sun (for no reason other than my body hates me) so I was trying to be as productive as possible. I got the notion in my head around 11 am that I should go try to take care of changing my name now that my divorce is final, and I've got the paperwork. So my brilliant idea was to go to the social security office in downtown Columbia and tackle this a few hours before I was going to do my taxes. Right. Bad plan. First I took 30 minutes driving around looking for somewhere to park because I forgot about parking meters. I can parallel park like a pro, but I didn't have change and couldn't see the Meter Fairy from Jackass showing up to help me out. So I finally find the 3 (yeah, there were signs to all of 3) parking spots designated for visitors of this 20 floor building. Spend 10 minutes to walk there, get through security (who knew it was a high level security building??), and find the right room. This puts us at about 12:30 pm. (In case you care and like a detailed timeline of my day).
So I walk into this room with like 20 of those service windows and at least 5 are just straight up closed. Is this because they're not busy you ask? No, not the case at all. They are crazy busy. I take my number and sit down. Then I remember that I've cancelled all the fancy things on my phone (because I want to lower my bills and also not waste my time on games when I could be doing homework) and I've also left the 10 books I brought in the car, which is a 7 minute walk and through security away. I think, well I'm probably the only one changing my name so how long could it take. My number is E7. I sit there 45 minutes and the only number called even close to mine was E93. That cannot be good. I think they only went through 10 names the whole time I was there. So I asked what time they open so I could just come back real early, you know, beat the crowd. The doors open at 7. The windows open at 8:30. Um, excuse me? What??? For the record it took 10 minutes to change the name when I got married because I went in a smaller town. Yeah, I think I'll just try to go when I go to Alabama the next time. At this point, I've decided to say "Fuck it. I'm going to the river." And so that's exactly what I did.
I brought some homework with me and took a walk down to the very edge of the Congaree River. While I was sitting there, I wrote all these brilliant thoughts about society and how we are constantly in a rush. It was amazing to just sit there. I left everything in my bag for a few minutes and just watched the water. There was an owl in the trees behind me, and I think it was the first time since my newly discovered love of owls that I had heard one, and it was so close to me.
Right, so when I started to remember that I needed to do some work, I remembered I was supposed to blog about taking a walk. And it was a short walk, but probably about 5 minutes. I trekked through some mud (which I'm proud to say is still on my shoes, and I probably tracked it through tax guy's house. Not so proud of that part). I got some homework reading done, but mostly I just recharged. I put my phone in my bag, on silent, and didn't check it for the hour and a half I was there. Then I took a nap in my car. This also gave me energy. I'm looking at the notes I made while I was there. I could type them, but mostly it's just me saying, "Wow. This is fantastic." I just said it in several different ways. Of course, while I was writing, I was thinking, "This is something profound and someone will read it and say, 'Wow, she's brilliant!'" Yeah, no one would read it and think that. Fortunately, what I wrote in response to my readings was a lot more coherent and actually worth submitting in class. So at least the 5 pages I filled wasn't a total waste of notebook space. I also got a great picture

Another moment when I thought, I'd be a great photographer. Yeah, no, I wouldn't. You can't really screw up  a picture of something that's already really beautiful.

And here's one more to prove I wrote some stuff too.

Have a super, fantastic, great day!

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